О комбинате

MonArch Innovative Technologies Combinate has a technology for the manufacture of modules with an area of up to 100 m2.

Various module sizes available
The maximum module length is 15.5 m, the maximum width is 7.5 m, and the maximum height is 3.5 m.

Main features of the technology to produce big-scale modules with an area up to 100 m²:
• Continuous, fail-free manufacturing in optimum environt: no temperature variations, no extreme weather conditions
• Consistent quality of prebabricated modules
• Well-managed costs: each piece of steel or cubic meter of concrete are accounted for

90% of all construction operations are performed at the factory

Manufacturing of the modules comprises a number of processes: handling and storage of concrete feedstock; manufacture of steel and embedded items; concrete mixing; element casting; concrete curing; removal of formwork and concrete grinding; material/part picking and finishing of a volume module.

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