О комбинате

The large-sized module is a rectangular closed spatial structure assembled in the factory from flat reinforced concrete elements. Modern equipment of the factory complex allows to produce modules with the following maximum dimensions:

longitudinal – 15.5 meters;

transversal – 7.5 meters;

the height – 3.45 meters.

In addition to the production of the main module, the equipment of the plant allows production of the following three-dimensional structures with high degree of prefabrication:

Stairway and elevator nodes;


Bay windows;

Entrance lobbies modules.

By high degree of prefabrication is meant the level of completeness of the product when it's brought to installation. The technological process of module production at the combine of innovative technologies assumes that in addition to producing the reinforced concrete structure itself in modular design, the following types of works are performed inside:

Installation of engineering services and terminal devices, namely: convectors, air conditioning systems, water utilities, sanitary ware, etc.; Installation of facade structures and window blocks;

Execution of final finishing.

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