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MonArch Factory

The MonArch Combine of Innovative Technologies is a pioneer company in the field of residential housing construction, the specialists of our organization are continuously working to find new solutions in the field of modular construction.

The technological process of the factory represents a new round of industrial housing construction development, has no analogues in the world. The plant's products are a large-sized reinforced concrete modules with high degree of prefabrication, which allows for unprecedented speed of building erection and operational commissioning.

When designing our factory complex, the most modern world achievements in the production of reinforced concrete structures and other industries have been accumulated to ensure the highest efficiency.

Since the production technology of the large-sized modules is unique, modern regulatory documentation does not contain the requirements for the products of the plant or similar products. Under the guidance of the General Director of the "MonArch" Group of companies, Sergey Alexandrovich Ambartsumyan, a rulebook   SP 501.1325800.2021

 The "MonArch" Combine of Innovative Technologies is the first in the world:

Creates oversized reinforced concrete modules with an area of up to 100 m2.

Produces large-sized stairwell modules in factory conditions.

Produces a three-storey elevator block with a full range of equipment and components.

Our mission:

We are creating a technology that allows us to provide citizens with affordable, modern housing and infrastructure, and our employees with comfortable working conditions.

Our goal:

• To consolidate the best competencies from different industries to ensure the continuous development of housing construction technologies and the development of innovative materials;

• Definitely, to comply with and anticipate the requirements of the customer and the legislation;

• To develop the potential of our employees for the continuous improvement of organizational and production processes.

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