О комбинате

Architectural solution
The advanced, high-precision equipment of the plant does not limit the project team in terms of developing any of the most modern facade solutions. This makes it possible to ensure a high degree of energy efficiency of the structure combining it with the use of the most daring architectural solutions.
Due to the use of innovative equipment of the factory complex, the highest level of production automation processes has been achieved due to this, the cost of the plant's products is reduced and at the same time its quality level is increased. The technological cycle of the production of the Combine of Innovative Technologies involves performing a full range of finishing, facade and engineering works in factory conditions, this approach allows to increase efficiency compared to performing identical works in construction site conditions. Simultaneously with the increase in productivity, the factory conditions allow for continuous quality control, excluding the possibility of delivering non-conforming products to the customer.
The presence of our own accredited laboratory also allows us to perform input control of materials, and the use of modern information systems allows us to register information about the quality of products supplied and work with suppliers based on the data received.
Production system
In addition to cutting-edge equipment and materials, we use modern methods of organizing production processes in our work, such as: Lean management, Six sigma’s, Total Quality Management, Goldratt's theory of constraints.
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